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How can I extend the rental period?

If you have already rented a car and want to extend the rental period, you need to contact us to sign a new rental agreement. This must be done at least one day before the expiration of the rental period. You can also contact us at +357 26101030, then our agent will come to a convenient place for you to renew the lease.

What should I do in case of an accident?

If there are casualties in the accident, call an ambulance at 166 and the police at 100. You also need to let us know at +357 26101030. The call centre is open 24/7. Our agent will immediately go to the scene. We offer 24 hour support so you can contact us for any assistance.

In the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury, the local police must be notified immediately. Police officers go to the scene to inspect the scene and obtain evidence. The driver must complete and submit the appropriate form requested by local or state authorities. Be prepared to provide your contact phone number, vehicle registration number and the city where you are located.

Can I change the car return time?

You can only return the car during the hours specified in the contract. The car must be left at a predetermined place and at the appointed time. If you want to extend the rental agreement, you must contact us at least one day before the expiration of the rental period.

Can I register an additional driver?

Yes, you can include up to three additional drivers in your rental agreement. You can do this when booking online or at the company’s office upon receipt of the car. All drivers are required to present valid documents.

Who can drive a rental car?

Only parties specified in the rental agreement as primary or secondary drivers. If you want to add a driver during the rental period, you need to contact us to include this person in your contract. The newly added driver will also be required to show their valid driver’s licence. Remember that insurance will not work if there was an accident involving an unregistered driver.

What should I do if the car does not start?

If the vehicle has a manual transmission, make sure all doors are closed and depress the clutch pedal while turning the key. If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, place the shift lever in N and depress the brake pedal while turning the key. If after following the above steps you still cannot start your vehicle, please contact our customer service and roadside assistance immediately.


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