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7. Insurance. All authorised drivers of vehicles rented from Autognosis are insured against damage caused to the rented car as a result of ignition. Liability coverage for death, injury, and property damage to third parties is also insured. Both coverages are governed by the general terms of the insurance contract concluded with Autognosis’ insurer.

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) limits the driver’s liability in case of damage to the rented car according to the rental agreement terms. Instead of the full cost, the driver typically only bears responsibility for the first part, known as the deductible. This protection extends to all authorised drivers of the rented car. CDW usually does not cover glass, tires, wheels, and the underside of the car.
  • Theft Protection with excess (TP or TW) limits the driver’s liability for expenses incurred due to theft of the rented car or damage resulting from theft or attempted theft, up to the maximum amount specified in the rental agreement terms. TW does not cover personal belongings.
  • On the website, you can choose the FDW insurance package (SCDW — Super CDW), which reduces or eliminates the excess amount, and no credit card will be required from the renter.
  • Insurance policies typically do not include additional equipment purchased on-site and personal belongings. Exceptions include accidents caused by off-road driving, refuelling errors, or other damages caused intentionally or negligently.
  • No insurance covers damage caused by violation of the rental agreement terms.
  • WUG insurance (for tires, chassis, and glass) and damage to tires or glass are included in the FDW insurance package.


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